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Lets face it - you don't really know what you're buying.

Neither do I.

And the information we need to make those choices is nowhere to be found.

I think it should be printed on the label.

Do you?

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Is this product Greenwashed?
Imagine a hot product with a compelling description.

Marketers wrote that with one purpose, and they have done a great job of talking about how sustainable their product is.

But you haven't the slightest idea what real impact that product has.

They don't want you to see their data.
a marketer's opinion
What is a Carbon Label?
I worship at the altar of consumer choice.

Informed consumer choice.

For instance, I enjoy having the option to flip a grocery item to see the ingredients - we can all agree that creates accountability.

And when it comes to Carbon Labels, one foremost Capitalist publications (Forbes) offers an excellent explanation.
Link to FOrbes Article
"Why should I care?"
You probably cared about the walls of your office after the effects of Asbestos were discovered.

You probably cared about nuclear weapons when common people realized a single misinterpreted radar read could end with the world's destruction.

So I'm hoping you care about an event that leans towards the latter, and could be prevented.

1 BILLION at risk children

Is informed choice important to you?

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